stonres rtz in school library education facility

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

This school library offers a friendly, modern environment complete with noise-reducing, smooth seamless floors.

stonres str in a middle school cafeteria

Products Used:

Stonres STR

An over-sized checkerboard design makes this middle school cafeteria look clean, crisp, bright and bold. It inspires school pride while providing an easy-to-clean, quiet surface that will stand up to the daily wear and tear of hundreds of students.

stonres str in university education facility

Products Used:

Stonres STR

This state-of-the-art university research and science center chose an Stonres STR flooring system for a reason. Formulated to provide ergonomic comfort, STR is also noise-reducing, providing students with an environment where they can focus without unnecessary distractions from foot traffic.

stonres rtz in school library

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

Shouldn't a school library be a place of wonder? A place that captivates the young mind? A smooth, colorful, patterned floor can contribute to the atmosphere. This resilient, seamless floor also provides a quiet, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant surface to make your school's staff happy too.

stongard tm in football stadium

Products Used:

Stondeck XD4

Ramps and walkways for high school stadiums need to be durable. Stondeck XD4 is designed for heavy pedestrian traffic. It also stands up to outdoor elements and provides superior protection against abrasion.

stonres rtz in elementary school education facility

Educational Facility Flooring Solutions

Colleges and schools are learning environments that have specific requirements. Floors can enrich the learning experience with features like resiliency and noise reduction. Our floors come in a wide range of textures, color collections, and custom patterns. From classrooms and sports arenas to kitchens and science labs, we deliver seamless, long-lasting floors that stand up to daily traffic, continuous cleaning, and stains and spills too. 

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